Reporting hazardous conditions

Have you encountered a fallen power line, an open power distribution cabinet or a tree that has impacted a power line? These are hazardous conditions – keep your distance and let us know!

Damage to power distribution cabinets or power lines can have life-threatening consequences for both people and animals. Please notify us so we can fix the problem as soon as possible. Please call our 24-hour control center 22 44 10 40 or fill out an online form with the relevant information.

What are hazardous conditions?

There are a number of situations when you should notify Elvia as soon as possible:

Open or damaged power distribution cabinet

Power distribution cabinets are sometimes impacted by collisions, vandalism, damage from snow-ploughing or other kinds of damage. In any case, power distribution cabinets and substations should be closed and locked at all times.

If you notice an open or damaged cabinet, please send us a message including:

  • a photo of the damage

  • a photo of the number plate on the cabinet/substation. This will be easily visible on the front

  • an address or description of the location of the open/damaged cabinet

Please complete this form to report an open or broken power distribution cabinet.

Fallen power line

Low-hanging power lines or power lines that are on the ground can be very dangerous. Take a photo of what you have seen but always keep your distance from power lines. Please also call us immediately. To report hazardous conditions in Oslo, Innmlandet, Akershus and Østfold, call 22 44 10 40. You can also use this form to report a fallen power line.

Trees impacting power lines

Extreme weather can cause trees to impact power lines. We would greatly appreciate being notified about any trees that are about to impact or that have already impacted power lines.

Please submit a report and include the following:

  • a photo of the incident

  • an address or description of the location of the incident

Please use this form to report a tree that has impacted a power line.

Note the number plate

As a rule, all power poles, substations and power distribution cabinets have a small number plate. Substations and power distribution cabinets have metal number plates, which are easily visible from the front or on the door. This number provides us with valuable information about the location, age of the pole/cabinet, and other relevant information that allows our trouble-shooters to respond quickly and safely.

As long as you are not exposing yourself to any risk, we would appreciate it if you could send us a photo of both the number plate and the damage. We greatly appreciate your assistance.

Keep an eye out for hazardous conditions in the home

Hazardous conditions are not simply confined to the outdoors. There are also aspects of the home environment that can be hazardous. For example, if you experience an electric shock when you touch a water tap or other electrical appliance, that suggests that something is seriously wrong. The same applies if a fuse blows for no apparent reason or if a fuse blows every time you use two appliances simultaneously. This should not happen and may be a sign that your electrical system has a fault.

You are responsible for ensuring that the electrical system in your house is in proper working order. If you suspect there are any faults in your electrical system, you must seek help from an approved electrician Be sure to contact an approved electrician listed in the Electrical Enterprise Register.